Diamond Jubilee

This weekend we bore witness to the hideous spectacle of the Diamond Jubilee – a four day event where a writhing mass of unthinking sheep adorn their undeserving rulers with sickening displays of gratitude. Our monarch has, apparently, dedicated her life to us and our country and never asked for anything in return crowed the Prince. Nothing in return, apart from the ludicrously lavish lifestyle that she and her family have enjoyed for the past 60 years. And so he blurted on, backed by what can only be described as an array of the worst members if our society – a lurid cake topped with a fat, reflective pink Elton John cherry. Enough to make anyone reach for the emergency paper bag.

This is what our society has become. These are our heroes and role models, a twenty first century freak show. In these times of hardship surely it should be nothing less than an embarrassment to effect such a display of pomp and riches as others struggle to make ends meet. Yet despite all this the public demand it. Thrive on it, indeed. A once out of favour Royal cohort needed only to throw a party and all is forgiven. We even paid for it. You have to admire that.

Does a true leader not stand shoulder to shoulder with his people, share their pain and their joy? Our so-called leaders direct and preach whilst cowering behind a false shield of riches, terrified that they should ever experience the lives of ordinary men. They cut pathetic and cowardly figures, liars and cheats. The bullied children in the playground turned insidious, callous adults. The worst members of our society. At the top.

Diamond Jubilee

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