Welsh sheep queue for MMR vaccine

In testimony to the ease at which the unthinking masses can be manipulated by the media, hundreds of Swansea residents, having previously shunned the MMR vaccine, suddenly, after mass media hype, reversed their well considered opinions and decide that MMR was, in fact, a good idea after all. I wonder how many of them actually bothered to rationalise this logically and how many were simply scared into the decision by ill-considered media spin?

Typically, the media have presented a completely one-sided story of this so-called epidemic which has resulted currently around six hundred measles cases. The pro-vaccine lobby have been wheeled out to blurt the same old retoric into our faces yet we have not yet heard a single anti-vaccine voice in the mainstream media.

These so-called experts have presented us with the arbitrary and completely unproven 95% herd immunity figure yet not a single journalist has mentioned the huge statistical elephant in the room, namely: how many of the current 600 cases of measles were actually vaccinated and how many were not?

It is highly suspicious that this figure, which is surely by far the most important and telling statistic has been completely ignored. I suspect that we will find that a very large percentage of those people developing measles were already vaccinated, hence rubbishing the advice to become so, and that this is why this figure had been kept out of the mainstream media.

If this statistic did indeed support the vaccine hypothesis then we could guarantee that it would have been plastered all over the trashy morning rags and every other media headline. Yet suspiciously nothing of the sort has been mentioned. All we have heard so far is of one man whose three children all developed measles and that all were unvaccinated; yet this is clearly selective journalism at its worst. I wonder how hard they tried to find someone of the opposite statistic?

The reality of the so-called diseases of meales and the other respiratory afflictions is that they are not actually diseases at all. They are not infections and they are not caused by viruses, and certainly any modified version of ramdonly selected particles from someone elses blood will have not a single effect in curtailing them. Whilst we wade around in the dead end hocus pocus of vaccination we are missing the the true causes and solutions to the problem: that these diseases are simply reactions to atmospheric industrial pollution. Somehow we must progress past the nonsense of germ theory and begin to manage our society so that we may live in a clean and healthy world.

Welsh sheep queue for MMR vaccine

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