Genetic Mutilation

Britain G8 Foreign Ministers

It can only be a tragic moment when one of the world’s most beautiful women mutilates herself in the way in which Angelia Jolie did when she recently had a double-mastectomy on the advice of genetic scientists.

Genetic causality is the latest trend in medical science, a field so wrought with lies and corruption it can barely be called science but rather a religious institution devoted to it’s own financial gain at the expense of the health of everyone else in society. The utter failure of this institution to cure or even prevent any chronic disease has culminated in the myth that genes are responsible for all of these ills when in fact the reality is something entirely different.

The genetic myth succeeds because it panders to the cravings of particular elements of the human psyche. Patients like to believe the genetic myth because it asbolves them of all personal responsibility. The average person does not like to be told that it is his or her lifestyle that has caused a disease to develop, but rather a cruel and unavoidable twist of fate. The patient then wallows in his or her own self-pity, comforted by the belief that they were not to blame. In turn, this feeds the self-importance of medical scientists who, presented with the helpless and blameless patient, are heralded as the all knowledgeable saviours, ready with their expensive drugs and proceedures which, while largely useless or disease-causing in their own right, form a highly effective money-making opportunity. Finally, the genetic myth is a convenient cover-up for the utter ineptitude of the medical establishment in its complete failure to identify the true causes of disease.

After it was determined that genes controlled particular physical traits in animals it was determined that this might also extend to disease causation. Based on this inference, scientists studied diseased and non-diseased groups and separated the patients based on gene patterns. Once it was determined that a particular gene was common in the diseased group but not in the healthy group it was simply decided that said gene was therefore the cause of the disease (at a given percentage rate). Firstly, this is ridiculous because correlation does not imply cause, and secondly because there are so many different genes that with a relatively small sample of people a positive correlation of some kind is likely to occur simply due to random chance. Based on this apparent evidence we now have genes for everything from cancer to homosexuality. Each gene identification is heralded as a great breakthrough which deserves an almightly pat on the back and another round of funding. What is kept much more quiet though, is that when these inferences are applied to larger groups of the population we find many people who have the gene but not the disease and vice-versa. This, however, is simply ignored and brushed under the carpet.

The reality of disease causation is that it is environmental. Diseases are essentially caused by three factors: Deficiencies in absorption of environmental nutrients and conversely exposure to environmental toxins, and physical lifestyle. The term environmental nutrients represents anything from the food we eat and the water we drink to exposure to sunlight for generation of vitamin D. Environmental toxins are any chemicals in the environment that cause problems with our bodies, such as heavy metal pollution from car exhausts. Physical lifestyle represents anything from exercising to simply being and living in the outdoors or conversely living in a glass box called an office.

Living healthily is something that is very simple to achieve for all people, regardless of which genes you have (in all but the rarest cases). In order to live healthily you simply have to align your lifestyle with the way in which nature intended your lifestyle to be. This is not hard to determine with a little thought. Someone embarking on this journey may start with eating purely natural foods that require no industrial process for creation, spending as much time as possible outdoors in a natural environment and taking regular exercise.

Unfortunately, whilst modern medical science does actually agree to some extent with the lifestyle hypothesis it has, typically, clouded the issue. In the 1950’s, Ancel Keys introduced the “Prudent Diet”, convincing the world to eat the high-carbohydrate, low-fat diet now considered healthy by most people. In this, one of the greatest scientific frauds of the last century, Keys twisted the “healthy lifestyle” to the point where it was actually causing the diseases that it was supposed to prevent, leaving the world in a quandary of “healthy” people becoming ill.

We must learn to abandon the irrational and dangerous money-creation schemes of the so-called “health” authorities, an industry interested in nothing more than it’s own gain, and re-align ourselves with nature in order to live long, healthy and above all happy lives.

Genetic Mutilation

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