The Guardian of Dogma


It’s more complicated than this, but if I were to lean any political way then it would be to the left. As such I have recently started reading The Guardian.

I always like to read the comments section at the bottom of the articles and quite often comment myself. Whilst I do make the occasional positive comment if I find the article particularly interesting or funny, I usually tend to write comments if I particularly disagree with the article. Typically this tends to be on issues of science and health.

After writing a few comments here and there I was surprised to see that some of my comments were being deleted by the moderators. I thought this was probably unjustified so I decided to read the moderation rules to find out exactly what I was doing wrong. However, after reading I still didn’t really think I was breaking any of the rules, although I did think that some of my comments were maybe slightly inflammatory.

With this in mind, I decided on a new tack. From then on everything I wrote would be polite, relevant and reasoned. Even when I was attacked personally by other users I would reply politely, thanking them for their comments and reasoning with them. By doing this I even found that many of my most vocal opponents would warm to the discussion and show much more respect themselves.

However, despite this and many long and interesting discussions, still many of my posts continued to be deleted. This culminated in a discussion about HIV/AIDS where not only were my posts deleted but I was also banned three times (I had to keep registering new users in order to continue the discussion). Even my opponents in the discussion expressed their distaste at how The Guardian deleted not just my posts, but also their posts in reply to mine and to each other’s. Eventually the whole thread was deleted.

I have come to realise that The Guardian, what I once thought was a well rounded, intelligent and forward thinking newspaper is nothing more than a dogma-pushing rag. It is an embarassment to free speech, freedom of expression, scientific discourse, intelligence and reason. It has it’s own, very specific agenda and will not tolerate even a discussion on the matter. It represents all that is wrong with society today, the promotion of blind faith on an unthinking population and the silencing of anyone who dares to express their own thoughts and opinions.

The Guardian appears to be currently undergoing various financial problems – with any luck it will be out of business soon enough.

The Guardian of Dogma

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